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Health, Safety & Environment

Fala Road Contracting L.L.C (FALA) expresses its corporate responsibility and commitment to promoting ourselves as healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly. We care about the world in which we live, and work tirelessly to extend our care to our people and our sites. Our company’s achievements are made possible by preserving and developing human and physical resources, and by reducing costs and liabilities. We have adopted a proactive Health, Safety, and Environment Plan by identifying work place hazards and reducing inherent risks to manageable levels, thereby avoiding accidents, liabilities, and consequential costs resulting from accidents.

  • FALA believes that personal injuries, property loss, and environmental incidents are preventable only if Health, Safety, and Environment are an integral part of all business activities.
  • FALA considers Health, Safety, and Environment in all of our decision-making.
  • FALA seeks to provide fundamental safety training to ensure employee competence and secure working environments.
  • FALA demonstrates the significance of a healthy, safe, environmentally friendly mission.
  • FALA ensures the disbursement of financial and physical resources to educate, train, and motivate employees to meet this commitment.
  • FALA guarantees compliance with company policy, applicable laws, local regulations, international standards, and industrial codes. This responsibility is a condition of the employment contracts for all employees and subcontractors.
  • FALA commits to a policy of risk prevention, waste reduction, and elimination of incidentals that may result in loss or damage.
  • FALA conveys our Health, Safety, and Environment message to all FALA staff, and to subcontractor representatives who are responsible for health and safety.
  • FALA outlines the specific objectives of our safety policy:
    a. To establish and maintain safe, healthy, and productive working environments
    b. To place and reinforce paramount emphasis on the prevention of accidents
    c. To protect property, equipment, and most importantly, life
  • FALA implements relevant environmental monitoring programs.
  • FALA promotes continuous environmental awareness among our employees and subcontractors.

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